Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Increase Coconut Productivity using CocoCheck as guide

Coconut farming has been a part of Filipinos long time ago and plays an important role in the nations economy. It is sad to note that more and more coconut farms are now converted to banana plantations due to the fact that coconut farming is no longer a lucrative business. Further, high productivity level could not be achieved and can be attributed to lack technical information.

The CoCoPal project of ACDI/VOCA thought of ways to help coconut farmers. The CocoCheck System was developed and now used for the project. This is the 2nd technical handbook released by ACDI/VOCA Philippines for its beneficiaries.

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Alice Wonder said...

It's really great!I think this post is very useful for all the farmers who want to increase coconut production in their farm.
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