Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cocoa CheckBook developed in Mindanao

ACDI/VOCA Philippines Chief of Party and his staffs develop the first ever CocoaCheck booklet in Philippines if not throughout the world.


The book was written and edited by Nic Richards, Raul Itong, Janoz Xn Yesu Laquihon for the use for ACDI/VOCA CoCoPal project.

According to authors, "The CocoaCheck is all about learning, checking and sharing, of best cocoa crop management practices. It is an innovative system of crop management patterned from the PalayCheck system developed by PhilRice and Australia’s Ricecheck system.

CocoaCheck system is a holistic approach to cocoa production. It covers the three main stages of cocoa production: crop establishment, crop maintenance, crop harvest and post harvest operations.
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