Thursday, March 1, 2012

Training the Farmers: Is the trainer competent?

Is it true that most of the extension workers often forget that they are dealing with adult learners?

I was in the middle of talk about Farmers Field School when I asked the question to a group of farmer leaders. I got varied response. I was sad to note that most of the extension workers especially coming from the LGU forgot that they are dealing with adults - not college students.

We cannot blame the LGU technicians at all. Indeed they are technically competent to teach the subject matter and few of them are trained how to communicate effectively using the adult learning principles. Generally speaking, they are hired with Job Order status - appointed by the mayor. Next elections most of them are gone. If these people are trained, I am pretty sure the agriculture sector will surely have a boosts.

The Philippine government have a program on Trainers Qualification (TQ) through TESDA not to mention ATI. I wonder if this was even tapped by our LGUs? I hope so.

Five days past and it was the last day of training. I wrapped the sessions by knowing the participants feedback. I was surprised to hear that they were actually trying to check the speaker & giving me feedback about their experience with the speakers - how the speaker presented their piece as well as how the speaker effectively communicated with them.