Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Better Information + Better Decision making = Profit

"What is the recent actual number of cacao trees planted in Mindanao?" asked a farmer who listened to me over the School of the Air Program. I got no exact answer.

Getting the right information for farming is crucial in farmers decision making. This farmer is one of the guys who would like to get the real data for him to make a better decision and hope to get better profit.    

He asked why my data has huge difference from what he had seen in Bureau of Agriculture Statistics (BAS) of Department of Agriculture.  Unfortunately, the data in my hand that time was taken from the organizations who were involved in the development of cacao production here in Mindanao.

If we look into it, who has the official data?  BAS has it.  How accurate are the data they got?  You be the better judge.  I hope this kind of farmer will be able to decide well with the data we showed him and what he got from BAS.

Good luck my dear farmer.  For me, I will start planting cacao too.

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