Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cocoa products exports increased!

Davao City - Volume of Cocoa products exported from Davao City had dramatically increased six fold in 2009. This was revealed by Mary Ann P. De Guzman, acting chief of the export division, Bureau Of Customs XI in an interview conducted by Cacao Watch Editorial Team - a cocao industry development newsletter managed by Nic Richards, the ACDI/VOCA Chief of Party.

Importing countries include USA, China, Netherlands, Thailand and Malaysia.

ACDI VOCA along with other key players - played an important role in developing the cocoa industry in the country through its SUCCESS ALLIANCE II project.

Today, ACDI/VOCA continued to help farmers through Cocoa, Coconut, and Palayaman (CoCoPal) project with funding support from USDA. For more information please visit

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Not only this. I just heard that coffee bean prices are going to rise again....maybe less Starbucks trips for me.