Thursday, July 29, 2010

Organic Fungicide and Insecticide: Now Out!

“We finally have it here… and its organic!” says Dr. Angelito DeLa Cruz, a plant pathologist, nematologist, and horticulturist based in Davao City who conducted research on organic fungicide and insecticide. Dr. Dela Cruz happily added “The organic fungicide, organic Insecticide, and bio-nematicide after many years of intensive research is now ready for use by farmers.”

One challenge of organic farming in Philippines is on the field of research and development. Few scientists like Dr.dela Cruz, conducted research with private funding. We are hoping that with Sec. Prospero Alcala of the Department of Agriculture, will look into partnership with private sectors who are involved into research.

With the current findings of Dr. dela Cruz, farmers now have an alternative to synthetic farm inputs. This means lower production cost and higher income for farmers. The organic fungicide and insecticides is now out in the market.

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