Saturday, July 12, 2008

Philippine Goat raisers goes to Davao!

Ring! Ring!

"Hello noy! Can you come over? I want to discuss something with you." "Is that urgent dad? I'm travelling now towards Bukidnon." I replied. "Not really... but I have recieved an invitation letter from Vice Governor Pinol, chairperson of the organizing committee, for us to present a paper at The Philippine Goat Raisers Conference!""So how can I help you dad?"... my dad answered "Son, I need your thesis. I want you and you kuya (older brother) to join me in this presentation." Without any hesitations I immediately replied "I will be there on saturday." and I hanged up the phone.

I was so excited that our family could share the experiences in Dairy goat farming! Since, 1978, we were raising dairy goats at Mt. Carmel. I graduated my college with goats and now I am still working with goats. The passion of raising goats and dairy industry is there. I cannot deny it!

Foreigners and local speaker were invited to talk and discuss at PGRC 2008 that was slated on July 23-25, 2008 at Davao Convention Center, Davao City. The Laquihon's will be speaking on raising goats (the family experience) and local feed formulation.

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See you there!

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