Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rice shortage - does it mean food shortage in Mindanao?

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, CBCP head, lately called to have alternative food for energy such as sweet potato (camote), corn, or cassava. Further, Ma. Teresa Ungson, Regional Coordinator of National Nutrition Council XI, also stressed that Filipinos should practice dietary diversification. I agree with them.

Is there really rice shortage? I don't believe so! Not in Mindanao! We still have fertile soil. We can plant root crops that has higher energy than rice. And mind you, if you happen to visit Davao City, have dinner at barbeque restaurants there is a signage saying "UNLIMITED RICE". Sounds unbelievable but true. Not only that, Davao City is the only City in Philippines that serves IRON-FORTIFIED RICE too in food establishments.

The real question is? Are we managing our soils enough to maintain productivity? or we just want to produce more and sacrificing the fertlity of our soil? If we continually use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, doesn't practice crop rotation, and doesn't practice soil conservation, I believe in a decade, Philippines would not only have rice shortage but food shortage as well. Who is to blame? Our Government? GMA? or the Farmers it self? No one is to be blamed at rather we (each and everyone) should do our best and exert every effort to have a sustainable food supply. We often finger point our leaders yet we don't realize we also have a role in food stability. I suppose the senators would do there role too and not only tinker of 2010 elections.

A month ago I heard that rice fortification with iron is being pushed especially in Region XI. I admire such efforts of DOH through the NNC-XI in iniating and implementing such program to address malnutrition problem particularly iron deficiency anemia. Nevertheless, I was amazed that the National Food Authority (NFA) have tried to hinder and question the innovative strategies on iron rice premix (eg. iron-premix in sachet) yet today THERE IS RICE SHORTAGE! Why does NFA failed to focus in ensuring adequate rice supply in the country? nor supportive to the efforts of DOH in iron rice fortification? I hope they (NFA) realize these.

Mindanao farmers continues to practice Sustainable Agriculture. Go Natural Farming! From Rice to Vegetable to Chicken to Goats and to Swine! Go on Mindanao!


lillai of Canada said...

Rice shortage? i guess were not..for those people who loves to eat rice or cant it without rice..they would really says that rice shortage..if so, proportion your rice meal,veggies,meat etc. and this would be appropriate and balance on your diet as well..
Infact,that we have lots of alternative food product such as: potatoes,sweetpotatoes,corn,bread(not often).which are high in carbs and transform into energy which our body needs..managing our food production are depending our lifestyle..but we really should have the time to dig and plant...it doesnt matter small or large backyard as long as we can do farming or gardening as well in a short or long period of time.And this is not just a hobby but its also in need and helpful to our heath,environment, and society..So,go..go..go farming!(accrdng.to mr.laquihon).there was saying goes that: what you eat is what you are..The more you eat fresh the more youre looking good. So common! people..lets have planting and farming!..

Anonymous said...

Kaya ako ,, uuwi ng Pinas,, magtanim ng mga gulay,at palay,may kanding, baboy,at manok.Magpatayo ng bahay kubo.Once i was in Korea, I learned a lot how koreans value the piece of land the government provided them,they plant whatever they can during warm season , so when the winter comes they have enough food.They can´t have more than a hectare but they can afford to feed their families the whole year.Kaya din natin iyan di ba?? basta magsipag lang. Kung ang bawat pilipino ayyy magsipag sa paghahalamanan,at pag aalaga ng hayop, walang gutom na aabutin.Nasa diyos ang awa , nasa tao ang paggawa.

Fernando C. Zamora said...

brod i posted this one in my blog. regards.